Mouthguard - Shock Doctor - Youth - 'Gel Max' - Hvit/Klar

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Great and professional mouth guard from Shock Doctor, which provides 100% perfect protection for your teeth. This protector comes in a bold White/Klar colour. Made for children under 11 years of age - best protection Surrounded by an exoskeletal that provides professional shock absorption. The gel is built up in three layers for better adaptation. Gel at the top and at the bottom that provides a perfect fit. Shock Doctor Guarantee: Covers up to $10,000 of dental bills. Read more about the guarantee on Shock Doctor's website, or in the folder included in the package.
Popular mouthguards for juniors that both keep a reasonable price and provide the perfect protection for the teeth.
Provides full protection for the teeth in the upper mouth and molds to the teeth in the lower mouth.

The mouth guard is surrounded by an exoskeleton, which gives the guard's frame professional shock absorption.
The gel for shaping the teeth is made up of three layers and three different materials, which give a good and firm shape to the teeth, so that the protector sits comfortably and firmly.
The gel is found both at the top and at the bottom of the protector, which gives it a perfect fit to your teeth.

The protector can be easily customized by tossing it in boiling water for a short time so that the gel becomes soft and easy to shape.
Always remember to read the instructions.

All mouthguards from Shock Doctor have a protection guarantee. This means that Shock Doctor will pay a certain amount, if not all, should you suffer a tooth injury while using one of their mouthguards.
You can read more about the guarantee itself in the leaflet included with the product.

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